Our Range of Products

We have a long and proud history. Grampians Garden Supplies has a rural background, with experience in horticulture and a passion for gardening, and is a business built on a passion for community, environment and the local area.

As Hamilton’s leading supplier of garden and landscaping supplies, Grampians Garden Supplies believes we need to do everything we can to improve the natural environment while limiting our impact on the planet.

We’re a locally owned business, where every member of the team has a deep knowledge of all products and a solid understanding of landscaping.

Discussions and questions about your next project are always welcome.

Delivery is available for all bulk products from Wickliffe to Casterton and Balmoral to Port Fairy.

Volume Calculators

Use our Volume calculator for an estimate for how much product you will need for your garden. Please note that all volume measurement is loose, no compaction is allowed for and should be treated as an estimate.

Soils and Sands


The right soil is a major contributor to a garden’s future health. Grampians Garden Supplies stock a range of soils to suit any garden. 

We provide:

  • Bio-Soil – Which is heated and treated for weeds.
  • Lawn Top Dressing – Blend is perfect for new lawns.
  • Veggie Compost – Ideal for all-round.
  • Potting Mix.


Sand is so versatile. It can be mixed with soil, but it’s also a great feature on its own, and a major component in building.

Grampians Garden Supplies stock a large range of sand products, including brickies sand, Coleraine sand, gap sand and triple washed sand.

For the best sandpits, Grampians Garden Supplies recommend their very own triple washed sand. It’s so nice and clean, the kids will thank you.


Our types of Soils and Sands

BRICKIES SAND: Brickies Sand is fine washed yellow sand and it’s texture and look make it ideal for rendering, bricklaying, and top dressing lawns, to name only a few applications. Our sand is so suitable for local uses, it’s approved for various local sporting ovals and golf courses.

WHITE WASHED SAND: With its fine texture and natural white colour, white washed sand is great for sandpits, but also has application under pavers and swimming pools and for bricklaying. It can even be used between pavers, and for fine rendering. Certified chemical free white washed packing sand is on display at Grampians Garden Supplies.

BIOSOIL: Did you know that topsoil has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. That’s what makes it so important to the success of any garden. Grampians Garden Supplies provides a variety topsoils as a composted blend or local screened soil and veggie/garden mix. As you’d expect, Grampians Garden Supplies keep their topsoil in the best conditions.

VEGESOIL: Vegesoil mix is crucial in developing plants with long, strong roots. Plant roots need a quality vegesoil mix to thrive. Grampians Garden Supplies vegesoil is a great medium for all planting environments and great for rejuvenating an old garden.

POTTING MIX: We have a fantastic potting mix which is available bagged or we can load it straight on to your trailer, you’re also welcome to bring your own bag and fill it yourself.

Mulch, Pebbles and Rocks


The dynamic duo, bark and mulch, are your garden’s best friends. Firstly they help with water conservation. Mulch stops the top of the soil drying out and keeps the soil moist. Mulching also prevents weeds and weed seed germination, which competes with plants for moisture and nutrients.

Grampians Garden Supplies stock a full range of mulch and bark including pine chips, landscape bark, water saving mulch. They also stock red chips, Elbony mulch, bush mulch and Landscape bark (SoftFall), which is accredited for use in playgrounds.

While you are checking out the bark and mulch, why not take home a bag or two of sugar cane mulch or a bale of pea straw, which comes in two sizes.


Decorative Pebbles have so many uses in the garden. Attractive, versatile and useful, pebbles are a flexible alternative to mulch, and the cost is not as great as you’d imagine. As a ground cover, pebbles can add a splash of colour to an outside area.

Being a mix of stones and dust, they pack down neatly on paths and driveways. Finally, pebbles can be used in pot plants, creating a colour feature while combining with potting mix to help stop it from drying out.

Grampians Garden Supplies stock a wide range of decorative pebbles, cream pebbles, river pebbles, flat brown pebbles, Avocado stones and Malabar sandstone. Tuscan stone comes in three sizes, Creek stone also comes in a variety of sizes.

We also have a range of toppings such as Tuscan, Granite, Lilydale cann, limestone flint is perfect for your driveway or path.

Our types of Mulch, Pebbles and Rocks

LANDSCAPE BARK: Think of garden mulch that is slow to break down and looks great. Grampians Garden Supplies stock large grade wood chips that are approximately 20mm long. Not only does Landscape Bark brighten up a garden but also help water conservation and with weed suppression.

UNSCREENED PINE MULCH: This pine bark is rich in nutrients and will retain water. It restricts weeds and is light in colour. The team at Grampians Garden Supplies know all about the properties of unscreened pine mulch and can show you this 20mm minus graded pine chip.

BLACK MULCH: Not only does it retain moisture, but is very attractive mulch and the colour lasts longer than other dyed chips.

PINE MULCH: Pine water saving mulch is a perfect planting mulch, which is not only good for your plants but also perfect as soil conditioner.

RED CHIPS: Dark red in colour, with a chip size of approximately 20 millimetres, Red Chips not only suppress weeds, but also retain moisture and the red colour looks great in decorative landscaping and pot plants.

BUSH MULCH: Bush Mulch provides your garden with a native look and can be a cheaper alternative to other mulches. Commonly referred to as ‘shredder mulch’, Bush Mulch comes non-filtered and is a mixture of various mulches.

SAWDUST: Standard grade sawdust has a lot of practical uses around the yard. Used carefully and sparingly, it can make for an eye-catching mulch. Perfect for use in horse boxes and in animal shelters.

DECORATIVE PEBBLES: Decorative Pebbles have so many uses in the garden. Attractive, versatile and useful, pebbles are a flexible alternative to mulch, and the cost is not as great as you’d imagine. As a ground cover, pebbles can add a splash of colour to an outside area.  

MALABAR SANDSTONE: This soft based sandstone is the genuine article. It looks great on pathways or driveways or use it as feature in the garden. It is available in 20 millimetre and 40 millimetre pieces.

CREAM PEBBLES:  Use them inside or out, Cream Pebbles wash up to give a bright, white appearance. Try scattering some in garden beds or potted plants or use them in water features, ponds and fish tanks. Available in 7mm & 20mm sizes. Available in 20 millimetre and 20/40 mix. 

BLACK SCORIA: Volcanic and porous, this black coloured rock is a perfect topic for modern gardens. Being black makes for dramatic contrasts. It’s also turning up on many local driveways and paths. Lightweight and versatile, it’s available from Grampians Garden Supplies as 20mm rocks.

SCORIA GRIT: Give your backyard that tennis court appearance. Fine red scoria is used as a decorative topping for driveways and paths and can be used in place of paving or concrete. It’s bright red colour can brighten up a dull area in any of your outdoor areas.

SCORIA: Dark red volcanic Scoria as 20mm to 50mm is Victoria’s gift to the world. But there is still plenty left at Grampians Garden Supplies, where it can be purchased to brighten up any dark area in your backyard. Great for pathways and garden beds and some good news for your back – it’s lightweight and easy to spread, perfect for drainage.

SALT CREEK PEBBLE: Whether it’s for garden beds, a backyard feature, or a pathway, this purple/pink sandstone offers good drainage and the ability to pack down well. This comes in three sizes. 

RIVER STONES: Grampians Garden Supplies provide a mix of large river pebbles, in fresh river colours, including yellows, greys and whites. They will blend in perfectly with everything in your front or backyard.

FLAT BROWN RIVER STONES: Flat brown river pebbles, sometimes known as Water-Stone are ideal in various applications for garden beds and lawn replacement. Use them to add that finishing touch to any garden features.

TUSCAN STONE: Tuscan Stone is a versatile material, able to perform a variety of functions include driveways, garden, walkways with its beautiful Autumn tone, this is a feature anywhere. This comes in three sizes.

LILYDALE TOPPING (LILYCANN): Perfect for driveway compaction.

Pavers & Blocks
Come and visit us for the largest range of Pavers and Blocks, with hundreds of products to choose from.


At Grampians Garden Supplies we provide top quality plants for all types of gardens, whether it is large properties or a small garden. We have native plants if you’re looking to attract native bird life into the garden, as well as roses, cottage plants and seedlings if you are looking for plenty of flower colour. There is something for everyone.

With growing your own produce becoming so popular, we have a vast variety of fruit trees and vegetable seedlings available. We also have plenty of hedging plants to hide those fences (and maybe the neighbours). If you are searching for ponds, water plants, indoor plants, cacti and succulents, we’ve got you covered.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you select the right plant for the right place.

We are happy to source any plant that your green thumbs require.

GARDEN SUPPLIES: You’ve got ideas, you’ve got a plan and you’ve finally got some time to bring it all together. Grampians Garden Supplies can help with all the garden supplies you need to get a great result. Things like: weed mats, tree stakes, sleepers, shovels, large pea straw, small pea straw, lucene straw, sugar cane, veggie beds and fertilisers.

GARDEN BEDS: Fruit and veggies seem to taste better when they are home-grown. Grow your own fresh, organic fruit and vegetables in a custom-made garden bed, that’s built to your exact specification.

PAVERS AND BLOCKS: Outstanding outdoor entertaining areas don’t happen by accident. From concrete to the luxury of natural stone, Grampians Garden Supplies has the largest range of pavers and blocks in the Grampians and beyond. Large or small, square or rectangular – there are hundreds to choose from.

LAWN SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA: From selecting the right lawn variety for your soil type and lifestyle, preparing the soil and underlay to laying your finished lawn, planning is the key. We will guide you through the whole process and help you get the best lawn possible that will last you for years, to keep your neighbours talking for the right reasons. Grampians Garden Supplies can provide turf including Sir Walter, Eureka, Premium, Kikuyu and Nullarbor Couch.

SIR WALTER: This grass is great for residential yards with kids or dogs, or if you are looking for a low maintenance feature lawn around garden beds, courtyards or pools.

EUREKA PREMIUM: Eureka Premium is a grass that’s ideal for public green space corridors, low maintenance school ovals, second tier community sporting venues, nature strips, or residential home yards without automated irrigation.

NULLARBOR COUCH: This is a drought tolerant grass that’s the choice for professional sports turf environments and premier community sporting facilities. It’s also great for backyard sporting heroes who want the ball to bounce or to help create a home golf green. For best results mow with a cylinder mower.

Heritage Lawn Seed

HARDWEARING BLEND: A tough blend to last under harsh weather conditions and rugged use that germinates and establishes quickly without compromising the wear resistance and turf quality.

PARKS BLEND: A durable blend for broadacre parklands, recreation areas and all landscape work. Produces a fast establishing, hardy surface.

SUN & SHADE BLEND: A blend selected for shade tolerance where other seed will not grow. It produces a fine, low growing lawn that cuts to a dense swath with a dark green colour. It is also suitable for sunny areas.

TURF BLEND: A dark green drought and disease resistant mix that has excellent wear tolerance, suiting most soil types. It is an ideal choice for home lawns.

SUPER-TUFF Watersaver (Kikuyu blend): Super-Tuff Water Saver offers the homeowner fast establishment of ryegrass plus the long-term persistence and water-saving features of Kikuyu. Kikuyu is an attractive and competitive turfgrass species which spreads rapidly by tillers and stolons. As the summer progresses the Kikuyu will begin to dominate the ryegrass. 

SUPER-TUFF Watersaver (Couch blend): This dual action blend offers the homeowner or turf manager the fast establishment of ryegrass plus the long-term persistence and water-saving and fine textured features of Couch. Due to its hard wearing and low cutting properties, Couch is used on cricket pitches, sports fields, tennis courts, golf fairways, tees and also home lawns. As the summer progresses the Couch will slowly dominate the ryegrass. 

VILLAGE GREEN RANGE: Village Green is a rapid establishing, hard wearing, economical all-purpose blend. It is suited to all lawns, nature strips, ovals, parks and gardens with or without irrigation. It combines the ease of establishment with management, to make an all-purpose blend for any season.